Artav Australia are firmly established in Australia as respected manufacturers and suppliers of Natural Look professional hair care and beauty products, created using over 50 years of industry knowledge and experience to suit a variety of needs and tastes.

Life is Precious

We believe that all life is precious. That is why we are against any form of animal testing and all Natural Look products are totally cruelty free.

The unique formulations, with only the best ingredients including, pro‐vitamins herbal extracts and essential oils, make them a sheer pleasure to use with results that are guaranteed to delight.

Because innocent animals should never pay the price for our beauty and feeling good.

Environment Policy 

Natural Look Australia products contain no ingredients that may harm or deplete the planet’s natural resources.

All our products are 100% environmentally friendly and are made with natural; organic plant‐based ingredients in recyclable packaging.

NATURAL look hair and beauty care is Australian made and owned.

Hair Care

For your styling needs

 Maximum Colour Life

Colour Protection & Colour Refresh

Daily Cleansing needs

For that added volume

 For Damaged Hair

 Moisturising & pH Balance

Deep Cleanse & Anti Dandruff

Removes Yellow & Gold Tones

Fizz Maintenance

Body Care

Pedicure Systems

 Liquid / Warm Waxes

Solid / Hot Waxes


Ingrown Hair and Hair Reduction Treatments

 Manicure Spa Experience

 Skincare Products

Paraffin Wax Treatments

Dispel / Glisten Etc

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