From where does beauty spring? In Vitality’s opinion, from scientific research and innovation. It is from these ingredients that Vitality’s creates cosmetic products for beauty care and hair styling professionals and for women’s precious daily beauty routines. An Italian company for an Italian style: behind it all, a passion for beauty and the enthusiasm to always seek out new offerings. This is the Vitality’s spirit: a constant attention to purity, to nature, to active ingredients. In the salon, just as at home.



The Vitality’s story begins in 1964: the last word (as they used to say then) in hair is the Beatles’ mop tops, while fringes and bouffant hair are a must for women, too, as Claudia Cardinale demonstrates in the film The Pink Panther. Starting life as a simple laboratory for handmade cosmetics, today Vitality’s is one of the principal Italian companies in the production and marketing of professional cosmetic products: a real beauty industry, with more than 100 employees and 15.000 sq. m of production space. Continuous development based on an ability to always offer value and innovation, a reference point for the market, a source of certainty for all our partners.



Underlying all of Vitality’s’s work and products, there are three things: research, research, research. There is continuous research into new raw materials and new formulas which allow products with a high level of innovation and effectiveness to be created. All Vitality’s products for face, body and hair are born in the laboratory, and then tested in the technical centre in collaboration with hair stylists and beauticians, who test, hands-on, their applicability as successful work tools for beauty and style professionals.



Made in Italy to conquer the world: Vitality’s products are distributed in more than 60 nations. From France to Australia, from the United States to Japan, and Now in SINGAPORE, international distribution which is a guarantee of success for all its clients.



There are many responsibilities which a company must handle with the correct approach: all together, they form the guidelines for Vitality’s daily activities. Responsibility towards clients and consumers, offering only products of absolute and sure quality. Responsibility towards the environment, increasing the naturalness of our products, and reducing the environmental impact of production to zero. Responsibility towards employees and collaborators, creating schemes to support working mothers and their children.

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