Blue Cross Cuticle Remover

Since 1933, Blue Cross Cuticle Remover has been the preferred choice of beauticians, professionals, and influencers. Enriched with lanolin oil, it nourishes, cleans, and strengthens the nail beds. Gently removes dry, stubborn overgrown cuticles efficiently.


Water, Caustic Potash, Calcium Carrageenan, Lanolin Oil

Product Dimensions: 22.5cm (h) x 8.0cm (l) x 8.0cm (w)

Volume: 946 ml | 32 Oz

Made in USA


Apply Blue Cross Cuticle Remover around the base of the nail and gently work around the cuticle to remove dead skin and soften cuticles for removal. Wash the nails with warm water and dry. Suitable for both manicure and pedicure.


Keep out of reach of children. Use the product as intended and not as a stain remover. Do not ingest or apply near eyes or mouth. Discontinue if there is any instances of an allergic reaction or irritation.