Credo PopArt SmartCutter

The Revolutionary New Way to Remove Calluses. Safe, precise, clean and smart.

Made in Germany.

The special sharpened Mini-Blade of CREDO’s SMARTCUTTER will remove the callus in precise small slices. The removed callus is collected in the container underneath the cutting area. The circular blades allow callus removal in all directions.

  • Safe handling with the use of an ergonomic grip
  • A precision cut using a triple-layer blade
  • A special microsection avoids excavating a grade to the skin.
  • Recommended circular use
  • Container for removed callus
  • IMPORTANT: To be used on dry skin. Diabetics & Bleeder are recommended to consult their doctor or podiatrist before use.

Colours available:
* Apricot
* Blue
* Green
* Orange
* Pink
* Yellow
* Black w/spare Cutter Blade

Made in Germany

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