Curve Vent Brush

Curve Vent Brush
Contains Boar Bristle for selected variants

  • Red – (With Boar Bristle)
  • Black – (With Boar Bristle)
  • Red
  • Black

Curve Vent Brush

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Suitable for all hair lengths, wet and dry hair of all hair types.
  • Meniscus arc design, isolated design, can fit the head arc, easy to comb.
  • Long non-slip handle is comfortable to hold.
  • Curved design of comb, effectively promote scalp blood circulation, is suitable for straight hair, curly hair, dry hair.
  • Hollow out design can quickly blown dry wet hair
  • Round head comb does not hurt the hair, massage the scalp have very good effect. It makes your head and hair comfortable.
  • Its handle is softer and more comfortable. Non-slip design makes it easier to hold.
  • Contains Boar Bristle for one variant

Variant :

  • Red – (With Boar Bristle) – (Width) 24.5CM x (length) 7.2 CM X (Height) 2.6 CM
  • Red  – (Width) 24.5CM x (length) 7.2 CM X (Height) 2.6 CM
  • Black – (With Boar Bristle)  – (Width) 24.5CM x (length) 7.2 CM X (Height) 2.6 CM
  • Black   – (Width) 24.5CM x (length) 7.2 CM X (Height) 2.6 CM

Care Advice:

We strongly advise against using any harsh chemicals such as Barbicide on the Curve Vent Brush . This will lead to damage.

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