FORD Merirea 2T Neutraliser

Sodium Bromate Based Neutraliser

For Professional Use

Made in Japan

FORD Merirea 2T Neutraliser
(Thio Second)

FORD Merirea 2T Neutraliser – 2nd Lotion (Neutraliser) is formulated with Sodium Bromate. It softens and firmly fixes the waves and curls obtained with the 1st Lotion (Perm Lotion). With the action of water retention ingredients, it prepares the hair with moisture.

Specifically formulated to be used with the below Thioglycolic Perm Lotions:

  1. Merirea 1TH Perm Lotion
  2. Mereria 1TN Perm Lotion
  3. Merirea 1TC Perm Lotion

Contents: 400mL

Professional Use Only

Made in Japan

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