Hair Dye Brushes – 6-Variations


SDB – Small Dye Brush
BDB – Big Dye Brush
CRC – Colour Relaxer Comb
HDB – Hair Dye Comb & Brush
BDBC – Big Dye Brush & Comb
VDBC – Vess Dye Brush & Comb

Hair Dye Brushes – 6-Variations

Spread colour evenly on hair.

Can be used for dyeing, bleaching, highlighting, balayage

Hair Dye Brushes – 6-Variations: SDB, BDB, CRC, HDB, BDBC, VDBC

SDB – Small Dye Brush: Length: 21cm x Width: 4cm
Brush: Length: 2.2cm x Width: 3.5cm

BDB – Big Dye Brush     : Length: 22.5cm x Width:5.5cm
Brush: Length: 3cm x Width: 5cm

CRC – Colour Relaxer Comb           : Length: 23cm x Width: 4cm
Brush/Comb – Length: 1.5cm x Width: 8cm
Comb – Length: 1.5cm x Width: 8cm

HDB – Hair Dye Comb and Brush: Length: 20cm x Width: 6.2cm
Brush – Length: 2cm x Width: 3cm
Comb – Length: 1.7cm x Width: 7cm

BDBC – Big Dye Brush and Comb: Length: 21.5cm x Width: 7cm
Brush – Length: 2.5cm x Width: 5.5cm
Comb – Length: 7.8cm x Width: 2cm

VDBC – Vess Dye Brush and Comb: Length: 23cm x Width: 7cm. (Made in Japan)
                                                                            Brush – Length: 4.8cm x Width: 3.8cm
                                                                            Comb – Length: 2.5cm x Width: 7.5cm

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