MTR Nylon Setting Roller (6 sizes)

MTR Nylon Setting Roller.
Salon Hair setting curlers for both professional and DIY Home use.

Sizes available (Diameter approx) – 12 rollers / pack
MTR 1 (Red)                                  3.8cm
MTR 2 (Yellow)                             3.4cm
MTR 3 (Green & Light Yellow)  3cm
MTR 4 (Turquoise)                       2.7cm
MTR 5 (Pink)                                 2.3cm
MTR 6 (Blue)                                 1.9cm

MTR Nylon Setting Roller or Velcro curler rolls easily into the hair and gently removes without pulling the hair. Gives your hair a beautiful curl or bounce. The curler holds hair securely in place without the need for pins.

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