Innovative technology Binomial effect guaranteed by the exclusive formulation of Protector Oil together with Vitality’s Art Absolute Cream

  • Microemulsions of fatty alcohols
  • “ART” adjuvant oil to mix with colouring cream, contains jojoba oil, rice oil and olive oil
  • Development and adjustment of the oxidation of the mixture (cream mix, oxidant and sachet)
  •  Controlled alkalinity; low percentage of ammonia
  • Protective interaction of natural extracts of chamomile, mallow, linden and calendula


  • Regenerates keratin
  • Softens the cortex and protects the scalp
  • The colouring mixture penetrates gradually and evenly through the hair fibre and dyes the melanin, the hair’s natural pigment
  • Less aggressive and reduced damage to the hair
  • Anti-inflammatory action, moisturising and soothing
  • Reconstructs the capillary fibre


  • Prepares the hair fibres to absorb the pigment
  • Protection of the hair fibre and skin
  • The colour is uniform and resistant to washing
  • The hair is healthy
  • Less burning and skin irritation
  • Soft and easy to comb hair, natural colouring

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