Vitality’s PurBlond Glowing (Anti-Yellow) Shampoo 250ml

Vitality’s PurBlond Glowing Shampoo is specifically formulated as an ANTI-YELLOW solution for blonde, decoloured, highlighted or naturally grey hair. Its formula helps to improve the resistance and elasticity of the hair capillaries.



Improves the resilience and elasticity of the hair fibre.


For home hair care uses. Neutralizes unwanted yellow-orange tones and restore colour intensity and brightness.


Made in Italy


Vitality’s PurBlond Glowing Shampoo 250 ml

The new generation professional hair care system for pure and glowing blonde colour, Vitality’s PurBlond Glowing Shampoo is your ANTI-YELLOW solution for blonde, bleached, highlighted or naturally grey hair. It helps to neutralize yellow-orange reflex and restores vitality to the dull hair colour.

PHYTOKERATIN  (Derived from hemp and rice proteins)

Totally plant derived, phytokeraitin replaces traditional keratin and grants the same levels of performance. The combination of hemp and rice proteins helps to improve hair strength and makes it more bouncier.

 Apply to hair and leave in place for 2 to 5 minutes and rinse.
Results: Shiny and Soft Hair.


THIS PRODUCT IS MEANT FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Avoid contact with eyes and rinse immediately if it comes in contact with them.

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