Vitality’s So Nice Natural Perm 0s, 1n, 2c

Natural Perm 0s, 1n, 2c


Format: 250 ml

Format type: bottle

Waving Solution Vitality’s new waving system guarantees a durable, elastic and natural result. Its formulation, enriched with the natural emollient Althea officinalis, ensures soft and smooth hair. Silk Complex (natural silk proteins) recreates the natural state of the hair making it strong and resistant.

Available in:

0s: robust hair

1n: natural hair

2c: treated hair


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Vitality’s So Nice Natural Perm



Vitality’s waving system
  • Alkaline permanent based on PH-balanced ammonium bicarbonate
  • Contains wheat proteins, conditioning polymers, silk proteins and Althea officinalis extracts


  • Does not damage hair during application
  • Soft and protected hair


  • The bicarbonate has a buffering effect on the PH
  • Neutralises the aggressive effect of the thioglycolates, providing a softening and antioxidant effect


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