Vitality’s Technica Defense Gel 150ml

Vitality’s Technica Defense Gel is a protective gel that creates a protective barrier from unwanted hair dye stains and irritation that may occur from direct skin contact, around the hairline, neck, and ears.

It has a pleasant scent, with hints of green flower perfume and feels fresh on the skin.

Made in Italy

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TECHNICA is a line that specializes in dyed hair and colour protection. It is also formulated without parabens and sulphate surfactants.

Color+ Technology

traps dye inside the hair, creating a deep structure that prevents the colour from fading and losing its vibrancy.

Vitality’s Technica Defense Gel 150ml


Before the hair dyeing process, apply at least 1 mm of Vitality’s Technica Defense Gel onto the areas that may get stained, such as the hairline, neck, and ears. Simply rinse off with shampoo to remove. Avoid contact with eyes. For professional use only.

Product Dimensions: 18 cm x 6 cm x 4cm

Product Weight: 150 g