The Vitality’s Brand

The line dedicated to hairstylists
A complete range of high quality, designed to bring out style and improve the well-being of customers.. Specific solutions for colour, shape and hairstyles, with great added value: the creativity and experience of products Made in Italy..

A story that begins with the name. A brand that expresses a project related to Italian beauty and fashion.

The Supply Chain

One of our strengths is the ability to manage all stages of the supply chain within the company: from the initial idea to the selection of raw materials and active ingredients, up to production, shipping and training for the final use. By scrupulously checking each step, can we truly guarantee the quality and reliability of what we produce.

Research & Development

Knowledge is the engine of innovation and the result of the daily work of our staff. It grows every day during the hours we invested in training our staff and we use it in dozens of laboratory tests we carry out on each of our products.


Satisfied customers are our greatest asset.
This is why we are equipped to fulfill every order in the shortest time, with an integrated order management system developed internally. Management experts call it just in time on demand . We like to translate it: “Return your trust” .
In addition to being an efficient company, we are also a responsible company. We constantly invest to innovate and improve the purification and filtration systems of fumes and waste water. A commitment that we gladly undertake, because we firmly believe that the environment is also a heritage to defend.

Made in Italy abroad: the market

Our products are incurable globetrotters.
We currently export them to more than 70 countries, in 5 different continents.