Vitality's Intensive Aqua

Intensive Aqua, a genuine Mediterranean spa treatment

From Vitality’s – a treatment line for scalp and hair well-being.

Thermal water from Spezzano

It is a spa water certified by the Ministry of Health, rich in mineral nutrients with exceptional antioxidant and soothing properties. It helps the active ingredients absorb better.

Mediterranean active ingredients

A blend of antioxidant leaves of the olive tree (40%), orange tree (30%). They prevent skin ageing and boost the effectiveness of the treatments.

All the forms and the combinations of Aqua

The different Aqua products, used individually or in combination with each other, have been formulated a specific solutions for each need. 

Intensive Aqua Focuses on Nature and the environment

Respecting and caring for the environment are very important for Intensive Aqua. not only ion the product formulas, but in the packaging too. Aqua packaging features a special additive that makes it completely biodegradable.