Dry Scalp Causes & Solutions

Dry Scalp Causes & Solutions

Why does my scalp keep flaking? It probably means that you have a sensitive or dry scalp. 

What is a Dry Scalp?

A dry scalp will feel itchy, start flaking. This is because there is too little sebum to keep your scalp moisturised.


  • Overwashing washes out the oil that is needed to moisturise our hair. Overtime, your hair becomes dry and even brittle. How often you wash your hair is dependent on your hair type. Those with coarse hair are advised not to wash their hair too often whereas those with fine hair should wash it more often.

  • Hair Products. Using the right hair products makes a difference in your scalp health. Avoid using hair products that reduce sebum production because your hair needs to replenish the sebum on your scalp to keep it moisturised. Switch to a gentler shampoo if you have been using one that is very strong/harsh. 

  • Eczema causes your scalp to be dry, itchy and red. It is related to genetics so if any of your family members has eczema, there is a chance that you may have it too.

  • Scalp psoriasis is a quicken hair cell production process. It causes red, itchy and scaly patches.


  • Switch to a more gentle, moisturising shampoo

  • Shampoo less frequent

Ingredients to look for in Hair Products

Jojoba Oil Uses

Jojoba Oil is an effective moisturiser that relieves scalp itch and moisturises the scalp. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Witch Hazel Uses

Witch Hazel is suitable for dry and itchy skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties. 

Avocado Uses

Avocados moisturise and soothe scalp irritations

aloe vera uses

Aloe Vera is able to soothe scalp irritations and decrease inflammation.

Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic, antibacterial properties and can relieve scalp irritations. 

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