Natural Look Apricot Velvet Depilatory Wax (Hot)


Available in:
1 kg Solid Wax Quattro Pack

Professional Use Only

Australian Made


Apricot Velvet Depilatory wax

(hot/solid wax)

Infused with Natural Apricot Oil.

With a creamy, pastel apricot tone, Apricot Velvet Depilatory Wax wax offers a refreshing experience that will also maintain a normal skin balance. Contains Natural Apricot Oil, minimising skin irritation. It also restores and replenishes dry and mature skin types.

COLOUR: Bright orange                               SCENT: Apricot



Natural Look Apricot Velvet Wax:

Natural Pine Rosin

Our Traditional Hot Waxes and Liquid Strip Waxes are made with 100% Natural Pine Rosin. Rosin is a natural occurring resin which is harvested from the stump of pine trees. Because of its superior stickiness, the. waxes ensures a strong, flexible grip whilst adding shine to the skin.

Apricot Oil

Apricot Oil is high in Vitamin A and E. Vitamin A helps reboot the skin’s metabolism, brightening and renewing all skin types. Vitamin E is an antioxidant naturally found in the skin’s own sebum which replenishes the skin’s natural antioxidant reserves and limit the effects of ageing.

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