Natural Look Immaculate DermoFoliant Micro Exfoliation

Natural Look Immaculate DermoFoliant Micro Exfoliation

Especially formulated for sensitive skin to stimulate the building of new epidermal cells and remove dead cell build up. This leads to an even and glowing skin tone. Regular use will help reduce uneven skin pigmentation.

Geranium boosts circulation and invigorates the skin while having a general cleansing action. Balances the production of sebum. Moreover, it helps improve skin elasticity, giving it a radiant glow and leaving it feeling soft and refined.

Available in:
125 ml tube
500 ml pump bottle (Professional Use Only)


Product Dimensions:

6.0cm (L) x 4.0cm (W) x 18.5cm (H) | 250ml

Australian Made

Immaculate DermoFoliant Micro Exfoliation



Immaculate DermoFoliant Micro Exfoliation:


An Amino Acid that is naturally found in the human body. Creatine revitalises the skin’s cellular energy metabolism and protects against the aging effects of stress and other environmental factors. It helps the skin’s cells to regenerate and reduces inflammation.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera moisturises the skin without giving it a greasy feel. It also acts as a protective layer against the sun whilst treating a variety of skin conditions, including flaky or dry skin. Moreover, Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties to reduce skin inflammation and boost the skin’s elasticity.

Vitamin E

A powerful natural antioxidant, Vitamin E nourishes the skin from within and restores lost moisture in dry and damaged skin. This results in a soft, radiant and healthy-looking skin. It is also very good for relaxing the muscles and reducing the signs of ageing.

Product Dimensions:

6.0cm (L) x 4.0cm (W) x 18.5cm (H) | 250ml

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