Natural Look Liquid Gold Depilatory Wax (Warm)


COLOUR: Shimmering gold

SCENT: Lavender


Liquid Gold Depilatory Wax (Warm)

Enriched with Lavender Oil.

A liquid gold depilatory wax with a super fine texture. It is a deluxe organic wax.

Firstly, it contains lavender extract which has anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming properties. Hence, it is great for sensitive skin.

Secondly, the wax is treated with gold mica. This improves the ease of spreading and smoothness. It also reduces the melting point of the wax.

Thirdly, it is suitable for hair removal on legs, arms, face and bikini area.


Our Depilatory Waxes are made with natural, organic plant-based ingredients:

Natural Pine Rosin

Our Hot Waxes and Liquid Strip Waxes are made with 100% Natural Pine Rosin. Rosin is a natural occurring resin which is harvested from the stump of pine trees. Because of its superior stickiness, its use in waxes ensures a strong, flexible grip whilst adding shine to the skin.

Australian Beeswax

Our Traditional Hot Waxes are made using a blend of 100% natural Wood Rosin and Australian Beeswax.

Natural Oils

Our Depilatory Waxes are made using nourishing natural and organic essential oils. This leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and deeply nourished. This includes Lavender Oil, Vegetable Oil and Tea Tree Oil.\

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