Natural Look Soothe After Wax Lotion


Soothes & Protects

Available in:
300 ml bottle
1000 ml pump bottle (Professional Use Only)

Australian Made

Soothe After Wax Lotion

Soothe is a post-depilatory lotion designed to eliminate bacteria, reduce redness and hygienically nourish the skin after hair removal.

Formulated with Chloroxylenol, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera and naturally-derived Allantoin. Soothe creates an anti-bacterial action which will naturally enrich the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silkier. Soothe refines the open pores as a result of hair removal. It is ideal for use post waxing, electrolysis, laser, sugaring or shaving.



COLOUR: Light pink

CONSISTENCY: Light-weight fluid, non-greasy

SCENT: Lavender & Tea Tree


Soothe After Wax Lotion:

Aloe Vera

Containing over 75 different nutrients, Aloe Vera moisturises the skin without giving it a greasy feel. It also acts as a protective layer against the sun whilst treating a variety of skin conditions, including flaky or dry skin. Aloe Vera also has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties to reduce skin inflammation and boost the skin’s elasticity.

Tea Tree Oil

Extracted from the leaves of the Australian tea tree. Tea Tree Oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which effectively moisturises the skin. It also helps to prevent dead skin cells from building up. Moreover, its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are known to reduce inflammation that can lead to swelling of the skin.

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