Natural Look Strawberry Satin Depilatory Wax (Warm)



Warm/Liquid Wax:
1 kg Tub – Professional Use Only
100g Cartridge Warm Wax

Hot/Solid Wax:
1 kg Solid Wax Quattro Pack – Professional Use Only

Australian Made


Strawberry Satin Depilatory Wax (Warm)

Enriched with Natural Chamomile.

A sweet smelling, creamy pink satin wax that is pure perfection to use with a smooth silk-like texture. Containing Chamomile and Titanium Dioxide to soothe and calm the skin, this wax is recognised by its delicious strawberry scent and smooth even application.

COLOUR: Light Pink                         SCENT: Strawberry



Natural Look Strawberry Satin Depilatory Wax:

Natural Pine Rosin

Our Traditional Hot Waxes and Liquid Strip Waxes are made with 100% Natural Pine Rosin. Rosin is a natural occurring resin which is harvested from the stump of pine trees. Because of its superior stickiness, the waxes ensures a strong, flexible grip whilst adding shine to the skin.


Chamomile contains antioxidants and antiseptic elements, which take away dead cells and dirt whilst protection the skin from free-radical damage. It accelerates cell and tissue regeneration, helps tighten the pores and slows down the ageing process. It enlivens the skin’s colour, lightening the complexion and giving the skin a healthy glow. Chamomile also helps soothing dry skin, while its subtle scent relaxes the nerves and the muscles.

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